By George Howe –

Geology is the basis for understanding so much, including culture, climate, and even policies that guide our societies, large and small.  George Howe is one of the co-founders of the Sustainable Driftless non profit organization, as well as talented producer and filmmaker for the award winning “Decoding the Driftless.  I invite all to get involved and support this organization, mission being to further understanding for young and old, support sustainable policies for the 4 state region, and a clarity of purpose for those lucky enough to experience this area in their lifetimes.

The need for people everywhere, to better understand the land they live upon, and how it came to be, is great, and can help solve many social and environmental problems.  A deeper understanding of the historical geology of a region, and the fascinating processes or occurrences contained therein, greatly increases people’s interest in, appreciation for, and enjoyment of, the land and biota where they live.
The geological history or “story” of the amazing Driftless Region, of the Upper Midwest in North America, is unique, fascinating, and complex; therefore, a graphical or pictoral description of these processes and phenomena involved, are very useful in helping most people understand this land and history.


George Howe
Producer and Educator
Sustainable Driftless Inc