Just like our computers at times in our culture , as well as in our lives, we just need a “reset”—to start fresh, to operate better, to function properly. These moments of awareness that “something is off”, or “we can do better” signal a huge opportunity for positive change.  ForContinue Reading

What has drawn you to operating your construction company within the Driftless Region, particularly in the Soldiers Grove, WI area? Bryan:I was drawn to the Driftless area because of the beauty and vast supply of natural resources.  As an ecological designer and natural builder, I incorporate local timber, lumber, straw,Continue Reading

By Nancy Breed – What do eight Driftless Area farmers have in common with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Their flocks include Leicester Longwool sheep, a ‘critically rare’ breed according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Currently there are just 140 flocks in the nation, including five in Wisconsin, twoContinue Reading