We know that only if you can first love a place, will you work to support it, to protect it, to enhance it. We want to encourage that love, that magic if you will, of the region, and brand and share the Driftless Region to those near and far. We will engage young and old to see their surroundings in exciting new ways–ways that encourage immersing onceself into the area, and in doing so, further  hope, engagement, and pride.

We believe this will foster our youth to return or to not leave, our long term residents and business owners to thrive, our visitors to be glad they made the trip.

Sustainable Driftless, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring resource conservation, vibrant communities, and sustainable growth in the Driftless Region.

Our board of directors has included the following individuals: Tim Jacobson (President), Julia Henley, (Treasurer, Editor of SDM),  George Howe , (Vice President and Director), Nancy Breed, (Secretary), Brian Murphy, Michelle Jerome and Prof. Thomas Johnson.

SDI has partnered with Untamed Science, Inc., another nonprofit organization, to produce a feature-length documentary film about the the Driftless Region.  This film, our flagship project, has resulted in thousands knowing more about the Driftless, as well as winning accolades and awards from all over the world.

SDI has also partnered with UniMinds Media, a 27 year running, Driftless Area Publishing and Technology Group, to publish the Sustainable Driftless Magazine.

Support our work, and you’ll help us help thousands, if not millions, more people experience, support,  and cherish the most precious, mysterious and beautiful places on the Driftless landscape!